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Supply List 2019

Reward School 2018

10 months ago

By Martin Johnson

South Side was named a Reward School for the 2017 - 2018 school year. South Side had the highest average on TNReady, in Henderson County, in Math, Reading Language Arts, and Science. Congratulations to the students, parents, faculty and staff on an awesome year!

Reward letter from the Tennessee Department of Education.

Veterans Day Project

9 months ago

Thank You to our Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day which is November 11th, South Side would like to fix a wall of fame to honor all our past and present veterans.   We are asking that if you know a  veteran or are a veteran that you please send us a picture of that veteran.   Please put a name on back and the name of person who brings it so we can return it later.    Also, please write some information about the person either on a index card or a piece of paper so we can put with each  picture.  Try to send these in this week so we can fix our wall for this very important event and for these very important people.

By Jessica Austin