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Parent Involvement Plan
Title I Parent Involvement Plan for South Side School
To ensure that parents of participating children have an adequate opportunity to participate in the planning, designing, and implementing of the School Wide Title I Program, the school shall:
1. Convene an annual meeting, to which all parents of participating children must be invited, to explain the programs, activities, and curriculum available under Title I;
2. Provide parents of participating children with reports and explanation of their child’s progress.
3. To the extent practical, conduct parent/teacher conferences with the parents of each participating child to discuss the child’s progress, placement, and training in the methods the parents can use to compliment the child’s instruction;
4. Make educational personnel under the Title I Program, including student services personnel, readily accessible to parents;
5. Permit parents of participating children to observe Title I Program activities;
6. Provide opportunities for regular meetings with parents to formulate parental input into the program;
7. Provide parents of participating children with a copy of the parental involvement policy as well as timely information about the program;
8. Make parents aware of parental involvement requirements and other relevant provisions of the program;
9. Provide reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request;
10. Coordinate, to the extent possible, parental involvement activities and strategies under other programs;
11. Jointly develop a school-parent compact that outlines how parents, the entire school staff and students will share the responsibility for improved student achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve high standards;
12. Provide information, to the extent practicable, on programs and activities in a language and form that parents understand;
13. Annually assess, through consultation with parents, the effectiveness of the parental involvement program and determine what action needs to be taken, if any, to increase parental participation.

**An annual meeting will be held in the fall of each school year. Notification of this meeting will be in local newspapers, school newsletters and letters to parents.

**A parent advisory committee meeting will be held each spring before the annual fall meeting to review the Parent Involvement Plan and Parent School Compact. Parent School Compact and Parent Involvement plans will be published in the South Side Student Agenda and on the South Side Website.

**Parents are asked to complete the Parent Survey and the Title IV Safe and Drug Free Survey located on the school website. Computer access is available at each school, or you may obtain a hard copy in English or Spanish from the school office. Please complete these surveys before the end of the first semester.

South Side School’s mission is to help students develop intellectual, physical, moral, ethical and social values that will allow them to make positive contributions to our society.
Schools and families across America are increasingly accepting mutual responsibility for children’s learning. They are taking the initiative to develop family-school partnerships known as “compacts”. By working together, exchanging information, sharing decision making, and collaborating in children’s learning, everyone can contribute to the educational process. As a school community, we support family-school compacts and affirm the importance of family involvement in students’ learning.
Parent/Guardian Agreement: It is important to have my child reach his/her full academic potential. Therefore, I will encourage him/her by doing the following:
• Support my child’s learning by participating in decisions relating to my child’s
• Be involved with my child and the school staff by attending school conferences and meetings. • Volunteer in my child’s classroom as time permits.
• Get my child to school regularly and on time with his/her supplies.
• Communicate with the teacher frequently to find out how my child is doing in
school on an ongoing basis.
• Monitor my child’s homework.
• Check with my child for information sent home, promptly read, sign, and return it.
• Teach social skills to promote positive interactions.
• Monitor television and movie viewing.
Student Agreement: It is important that I do the best that I can. Therefore, I will do the following.
• Always try to work to the best of my ability.
• Come to school each day on time, with my homework completed, and have
the supplies that I need.
• Show respect for myself, my school, the faculty and staff, and other students
and have consideration for cultural differences.
• Conform to the rules of conduct at my school.
• Believe that I can learn and will learn.
Teacher/School Agreement: Students must be given the opportunity to succeed. Therefore, I will do the following:
• Provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective
learning environment that enables the children to meet the state’s student
academic achievement standards.
• Communicate effectively and frequently with my students and parents
regarding their progress through newsletters, calendars, phone calls, progress
reports, etc.
• Hold formal parent-teacher conferences and other conferences as needed.
• Have high expectations of ourselves, students and other staff.
• Display respect for all.
• Have an open door policy (in which parents have reasonable access to
volunteer, to participate, and to observe in their children’s classrooms).
• Determine each student’s educational needs and adjust the instruction to
accommodate those needs.
• Provide a safe environment.
• Ask parents to help in school.