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Student of the Month

September Students of the Month for South Side Elementary are:
Pre-K-Mackenzie Weber and Troy Bromley, Kindergarten-Raya Benson,Brooks Peterson, Preston Brunt, and Allie Patterson, 1 st Grade-EvelynBarron, Ryan Salazar, and Brylee Barham, 2 nd Grade-Becca Benson andJ. R. Davidson, 3 rd Grade-Brinliee Ivy and Haylee Carter, 4 th Grade-ZoeyMarchbanks and Max Peeples, 5 th Grade-Jacob Wallace and AlexisAdams, 6 th Grade-Jourdan Bowman and Taylor White, 7 th Grade-HannahGrissom and Savanna Lindsey, and 8 th Grade-Kylie Stone and BillyPatterson. Not pictured is Haylee Carter.


August Students of the Month for South Side Elementary are: 

Pre-K-McKenna Geary and Aiden Phillips, Kindergarten-Stella Stang, Milo Peeples, Taylor Millner, and Trevor Blair, 1st Grade-Cashleigh Crews, Weston Hayes, and Ridley Clenny, 2nd Grade-Garrett Parish and Lilly Williams, 3rd Grade-Kendra Johnson and Sadie Lindsey, 4th Grade-Will Vineyard, Jada Bromley, and Maddox McClain, 5th Grade-Brooklyn Wilkerson and Jayden Hulen,  6th Grade-Carter Harville and Lacie Ward, 7th Grade-Shelby Durbin and Sydney Coffman, and 8th Grade-Hunter Brunt and Andrew Stegall.  Not pictured is Trevor Blair, Garrett Parish, and Kendra Johnson.

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October Students of the Month for South Side Elementary are: 

Pre-K-Gavin Clark and Stefania Stang, Kindergarten-Olivia Brigance, Matthew Vargas, Madison McCollum, and Easton Grice, 1st Grade-Jordyn McFarland-Pulley and Abby Cross, 2nd Grade-Kayden Blackburn and Kenzie Wilson, 3rd Grade-Catalin Vineyard, Alayna Hall, and Brayden Cox,  4th Grade-Angel Vargas and Gage Holland, 5th Grade-Lana Wulfert and Dalton Robinson,  6th Grade-Meghan Mash and Jaxen Hess, 7th Grade-Alexis Alexander and Ally Peeples, and 8th Grade-Dixie Wright, Erin Rushing, Haley Myracle, and Kayce Benson.  Not pictured is Gavin Clark and Jaxen Hess.

November Students of the Month for South Side Elementary are:  Pre-K-McKenna Welch and Bobby Williams, Kindergarten-Wyatt Fields, Ella Reeves, Emma McDaniel, and Aaron Ferree, 1st Grade-Leila Huffman, Bentley O’Guinn, Haven Rushing, and Silas Puckett, 2nd Grade-Emma Wright and Cooper Liles, 3rd Grade-June Shuffield, Izzie Adams, and Landon Stricklin, 4th Grade-Kinsley Harmon, Joecy Broughton, and Lawrence Ballard, 5th Grade-Kyle Carter and Layn Rhodes,  6th Grade-Emily Roach and Avery Goodman, 7th Grade-Candice Mitchell and Chris Knott, and 8th Grade-Molly Marchbanks, Ethan Cagle, and Aaliyah Bender.  Not pictured is Leila Huffman and Emma Wright

January Students of the Month for South Side Elementary are: 

Pre-K-Chloe Odom and Spencer Vasser, Kindergarten-Madison Morris, Hade West Britt, and Shea Jones, 1st Grade-Hunter Davidson, Ty Rushing, and Bella Melson, 2nd Grade-Dakota Brasher and Rylan Melugin, 3rd Grade-Noah Melson, Addison Rogers, and Connor Foster, 4th Grade-Skylar Sisk, Jaxxon Wallace, and Kelsey Wright, 5th Grade-Mya Hopper, Madison Formby, and Connor Rhodes,  6th Grade-Lyvia Nance and Alex Chandler, 7th Grade-Peter Vazquez and Jada Bridges, and 8th Grade-Selena Williams, Journey Knowles, Justin Smith, and Kodey Jones.  Not pictured is Hade West Britt.

By Jessica Austin

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