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Student of the Month

about 1 year ago

September Students of the Month for South Side Elementary are:
Pre-K-Mackenzie Weber and Troy Bromley, Kindergarten-Raya Benson,Brooks Peterson, Preston Brunt, and Allie Patterson, 1 st Grade-EvelynBarron, Ryan Salazar, and Brylee Barham, 2 nd Grade-Becca Benson andJ. R. Davidson, 3 rd Grade-Brinliee Ivy and Haylee Carter, 4 th Grade-ZoeyMarchbanks and Max Peeples, 5 th Grade-Jacob Wallace and AlexisAdams, 6 th Grade-Jourdan Bowman and Taylor White, 7 th Grade-HannahGrissom and Savanna Lindsey, and 8 th Grade-Kylie Stone and BillyPatterson. Not pictured is Haylee Carter.


August Students of the Month for South Side Elementary are: 

Pre-K-McKenna Geary and Aiden Phillips, Kindergarten-Stella Stang, Milo Peeples, Taylor Millner, and Trevor Blair, 1st Grade-Cashleigh Crews, Weston Hayes, and Ridley Clenny, 2nd Grade-Garrett Parish and Lilly Williams, 3rd Grade-Kendra Johnson and Sadie Lindsey, 4th Grade-Will Vineyard, Jada Bromley, and Maddox McClain, 5th Grade-Brooklyn Wilkerson and Jayden Hulen,  6th Grade-Carter Harville and Lacie Ward, 7th Grade-Shelby Durbin and Sydney Coffman, and 8th Grade-Hunter Brunt and Andrew Stegall.  Not pictured is Trevor Blair, Garrett Parish, and Kendra Johnson.

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October Students of the Month for South Side Elementary are: 

Pre-K-Gavin Clark and Stefania Stang, Kindergarten-Olivia Brigance, Matthew Vargas, Madison McCollum, and Easton Grice, 1st Grade-Jordyn McFarland-Pulley and Abby Cross, 2nd Grade-Kayden Blackburn and Kenzie Wilson, 3rd Grade-Catalin Vineyard, Alayna Hall, and Brayden Cox,  4th Grade-Angel Vargas and Gage Holland, 5th Grade-Lana Wulfert and Dalton Robinson,  6th Grade-Meghan Mash and Jaxen Hess, 7th Grade-Alexis Alexander and Ally Peeples, and 8th Grade-Dixie Wright, Erin Rushing, Haley Myracle, and Kayce Benson.  Not pictured is Gavin Clark and Jaxen Hess.

November Students of the Month for South Side Elementary are:  Pre-K-McKenna Welch and Bobby Williams, Kindergarten-Wyatt Fields, Ella Reeves, Emma McDaniel, and Aaron Ferree, 1st Grade-Leila Huffman, Bentley O’Guinn, Haven Rushing, and Silas Puckett, 2nd Grade-Emma Wright and Cooper Liles, 3rd Grade-June Shuffield, Izzie Adams, and Landon Stricklin, 4th Grade-Kinsley Harmon, Joecy Broughton, and Lawrence Ballard, 5th Grade-Kyle Carter and Layn Rhodes,  6th Grade-Emily Roach and Avery Goodman, 7th Grade-Candice Mitchell and Chris Knott, and 8th Grade-Molly Marchbanks, Ethan Cagle, and Aaliyah Bender.  Not pictured is Leila Huffman and Emma Wright

January Students of the Month for South Side Elementary are: 

Pre-K-Chloe Odom and Spencer Vasser, Kindergarten-Madison Morris, Hade West Britt, and Shea Jones, 1st Grade-Hunter Davidson, Ty Rushing, and Bella Melson, 2nd Grade-Dakota Brasher and Rylan Melugin, 3rd Grade-Noah Melson, Addison Rogers, and Connor Foster, 4th Grade-Skylar Sisk, Jaxxon Wallace, and Kelsey Wright, 5th Grade-Mya Hopper, Madison Formby, and Connor Rhodes,  6th Grade-Lyvia Nance and Alex Chandler, 7th Grade-Peter Vazquez and Jada Bridges, and 8th Grade-Selena Williams, Journey Knowles, Justin Smith, and Kodey Jones.  Not pictured is Hade West Britt.

By Jessica Austin

Thank You to The People's Bank

about 1 year ago

Thank you

By Jessica Austin

District Assessment Schedule
TN State Assessments

The Henderson County School System will be participate in the TN State Assessments during the Fall and Spring of the 2017 - 2018 school year. Below you will find a link to the TN State Assessment Schedule for the 2017 - 2018 School Year.

Dates for individual test will vary by school and grade level. For more information concerning specific dates for your child’s assessments, please contact the guidance department at the school in which they are enrolled.

AR Awards

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